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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals




Background to the Course

It is a fact that in the world of management, improper or lack of management of finance is one of the leading causes in collapse of organizations. Similarly, a lack of understanding of finance hinders in progression of career of professionals. However, the challenge is that when such professionals try to learn the basics of finance it is like entering into a very complex world that leaves them sense of being lost and bewildered.

This is just because some of such courses dives the candidates very fast into the complicated world of finance and accounting which does not at all help their cause. This course is designed to bring the candidates gradually into the world of finance and accounting by taking into consideration the each individual candidate’s background, qualification, work experience and interests.


Features of the Course

  • This course will build on some concepts about finance and accounting that the candidates already know and remove wrong understandings.
  • Upon completion of the course the candidates will be able to apply the concepts of finance and accounting to better understand and control the finance and accounts of their organization, project or department.
  • This course is not intended to produce expert accountants or finance managers but it will allow managers who do not have a strong background in finance and accounting to grasp the information provided by financial and accounting statements and evaluate performance of their organization, project or department.
  • To facilitate the better understanding of the course material the course will be interdisciplinary it will use basic concepts of mathematics, economics, sociology along with finance and accounting.
  • The course will use case studies to provide a more practical exposure to the subject matter; course will be as interactive as possible with quick feedback to queries from the participants.
  • It is also believed that this course will open a new pathway for career progressions for professionals such as engineers, development specialists and other professionals who can go on to be project or department or organization leaders.


Course Content

  1. Introduction to the Course and participants (1hr)
  2. Economics Concept of Resource, Scarcity, Money and Value Addition (2hrs)
  3. Objective of Organization: Profit and Surplus Explanation (1hr)
  4. First Case Study (Take Home)
  5. Discussion on Case Study (1hr)
  6. Introduction to Finance and Accounting and their Difference (1hr)
  7. Introduction to Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet with samples (2hrs)
  8. Concept or Ratio Analysis and using financial statements as a control tool (1hr)
  9. Wrap up and feed Back (1hr)

Note: You will also be given a case study to work on which you can submit; individual feedback will be provided even after the course.


Who should join this course?

  1. Participants who are entrepreneurs or want to be entrepreneurs;
  2. Engineers, development sector professionals or other sector professionals whose current or future role may require them to be exposed to finance and control;
  3. Students who feel that the knowledge gained from this course will help them in their future career.
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