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Creating Effective Student Engagement Online

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Session Overview:

 “Are your online students engaged and learning?”

Teachers are currently using several online tools to deliver their lectures. Concerns have been expressed whether students behind the muted microphones and muted videos are participating during the lesson and learning.

The workshop is therefore about aiding teachers to address these concerns and adopt pedagogy/andragogy methods that can be effectively delivered online to install student-centered learning methodologies where students feel engaged and motivated. At the end of the online class, the students should have a feeling of satisfaction and come out with the intention to learn more. 

Why to participate in this free workshop?

  • If you have questions about the effectiveness of their online teaching methods.
  • If you want to engage their students online and help them learn.

Workshop Learning Outcomes/Benefits:

  • How to launch your online class (e., engage students right from the start of lecture)

How to receive students’ feedback (i.e., whether the students are following the lecture and learning


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