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Building Emotional Intelligence beyond Academics


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Starts November 12, 2021

Why take this session on Building Emotional Intelligence?

● Building emotional intelligence develops a strong sense of self-esteem and social confidence, also guides you in ways to take charge of your emotions, and improve your social skills.

● You will be able to grasp the principles and develop strategies for concrete actions you may do on a daily basis in light of your own work situation.

What you’ll learn?

● Learn to feel Wonderful, no matter what is going on in your life.

● Learn to focus on the present moment to cultivate awareness.

● How does the brain work with Emotional Intelligence and Habits?

● Learn to be self-assured and in command of your emotions and your life.

● To improve your emotional intelligence, understand how to motivate yourself and others.

Session Overview

This session is beneficial in helping people grasp concepts and develop strategies for specific actions they may take on a daily basis in light of their unique work situation. The major objective is to provide people with a clear understanding of where they should concentrate their efforts as well as a specific, attainable strategy.

This Emotional Intelligence session will provide you with all the knowledge you need to build the fascinating social life you desire with practice, patience, tenacity, and endurance. You’ll learn how to attain genuine social success while being loyal to yourself.

Skills You’ll Learn.

● Emotional Management

● Motivation

● Optimism

● People Skills

Know your Trainer:

Mr. Sri Ram Timilsina, NVC Practitioner, Trainer

Mr. Sri Ram Timilsina is an avid ever learner. As an individual, he is an adventure enthusiast, socialite, and doting father of two sons. Currently, Local Profession for Civil Peace Service Program, Propublic Founder of Nonviolent communication Practice Group Nepal and has introduced NVC and EI in more than 1400 schools, communities and organizations. Mr. Timilsina is a learner & practitioner of NVC for 11 years. Furthermore, he is also a Coach, Mediator, Counselor, and trainer for Neuroscience and Multiple Intelligence, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Emotional Intelligence.

Session Duration: 2 hours

Session Cost: Free


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