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Amplifying – Speaking workshop

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Amplifying Speaking Workshop

Amplifying is a brief yet fun and powerful workshop designed for those who want to amplify their speaking skills! Its core content includes ideas, both basic and advanced, on how to be more persuasive and how to do better – content, style and strategy wise. The workshop tries to dig out answers to the very questions of why speaking is necessary, why we are hesitant or afraid, and why do we deliver ineffective speeches as we introspect to discover and attempt to strengthen the speaker within us. Sessions such as on vocal variation are designed to help measure frequency of the speeches. For the benefit of the participants, feedback shall be provided as far as possible.


##Course Graphics Design (Poster)## (to be put by IT & Design)

Please feel free to use this as required https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0kguz2MRcb0SGVNeVlxVHBwLU0

Components of Speaking

  • Content
  • Style
  • Strategy

Modes of Persuasion

  • Ethos
  • Logos
  • Pathos

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