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Students Exchange Program

November 24-27, 2022

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About Program

Glocal After School in association with Kathmandu World School and Rishihood University introduces a partial funded Student Exchange Program for high school students with the theme, “Learn Life Skills”.

“Learn Life Skills” – Student’s Exchange Program is a 4 days vibrant residential festival aiming to take school students, ages 13-19 years, beyond the four walls of their homes and classroom. During the fest, delegates learn about the mind-body-soul, channel their creativity, and explore several career pathways. With this, they take a step towards becoming conscious, aware, and confident global citizens. This program is intrinsically linked with building the leadership potential of young learners. All sessions embed the ‘rooted and free’ ethos to help teenagers find the grounding and the freedom to explore and excel, not only academically and in life. At the end of the festival, delegates go home with a renewed sense of self, a newfound purpose, and a desire to learn more.


● Should be a Nepali Citizen.
● Should be a high school student. (A Levels & +2 Students)
● Should have the interest to learn new skills.

Why attend this exchange program?

● Go beyond academics, and acquire 21st Century Skills: Activities, workshops, and interactive talks are designed to build skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and more.
● Build Unique Interests: An assortment of fun, extra-curricular activities that channel teenagers’ energy towards productive actions and aid self-discovery.
● Get Multidisciplinary Perspectives: Emphasis on new-age career opportunities in science, commerce, humanities, and other fields
● Improve Social Adaptability: A variety of expert and peer interactions that facilitate better cultural understanding and open-mindedness.
● Gain a Lifetime Experience: One-of-a-kind opportunity to explore, build connections, forge long-lasting friendships, and join a lifetime learning community.

Event Type:

Partially Funded By Kathmandu World School

Program Cost:

Funded (Only Round Trip Air Transport cost should be covered by the participant)


Rishihood University, Haryana, India

Registration Closed


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