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KWS presents Online Learning Fest- 2021 by Glocal After School

KWS presents Online Learning Fest- 2021


Organized by the Kathmandu World School jointly with Glocal After School, an inter-school level SEE students engagements is organized for you to uplift the enthusiasm, creativity and energy.

KWS Online Learning Fest is the most authentic and unique Festival that has ever been hosted for SEE appeared students. This program is aimed at integrating all kinds of SEE appeared students of the nation under one umbrella.

This festival will strengthen your mental growth, boost your creativity!

It will help you explore yourselves holistically and shape your own life. With a view of making them self-aware, confident and take full charge of their own development, interactive and self-exploration, interactive sessions, workshops will be conducted to empower them with various life skills.

This festival is designed in such a manner that it lets you involve in the festival without having to spend money, travel or take other strains, which is a treat itself; learning filled with fun.

Program Format

SEE appeared students from any schools of the nation can participate in this festival, through prescribed guidelines.

You have to register for the interested activities to participate, where, you will be asked to submit the form, that’s it!

We have cash prize for 3 winners on competition segment and will receive a certificate from KWS & Glocal After School.

The activities of the festival is divided into segments, for students to participate as per their interest.

Exciting Segments of the Festivals

Writing Competition

Meme Making Competition

Motivational and Career Development Session


Motivational and Career Guidance Sessions

Motivational and Career Guidance Session

What next after 10th ?

The session is designed especially for you to find out what you are good at, you will be able to witness an assortment of valuable sessions based on career counselling. We have experts who will guide you and encourage you to work hard and pave right path for future goals. This session is a career guidance and motivation for you to lead in your future decisions.

Get answers to all your planned choices, career – related questions through all-round experts.

The registeration has been closed.


Shaurab Lohani

Corporate Trainer and Life Coach

Mr. Shaurab Lohani is a Post Graduate in Information Technology from the University of District of Columbia, Washington D.C., Immediate past president of the Kathmandu Toastmasters club, Current Area Quality Director, Public Speaker, a motivational speaker, Life skills coach, and a training facilitator. He is the founder CEO of Dormitory Nepal, Budget Trekking, Logical Tech, and Pailo Paila. He is also one of the highly sought speakers in the national and international arena and has attended hundreds of seminars and sessions. As a facilitator, he has facilitated grass-root level training, mid-manager training, high-level manager training, and training of trainers (TOT) for well-known organizations, government offices. He has been interviewed by international news agencies like Aljazeera and BBC. Mr. Lohani has been involved in teaching leadership and communication skills at leading educational institutions of the country and is an influential leader.

Deadline for Registration: August 21, 2021

Session Date: 24th August, 2021 & Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM


Writing Competition

There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly: sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Participate to show your writing skills and share about your perspective being a skillful person on the theme – “A Note to Skillful Me.” Here, you can dive into your skillful journey and share what skills mean to you, what you want to achieve in your life. Skill is the unified force of experience, intellect and passion, and in this competition, you can share what it means to you being a skillful person.

Let’s read out your skillful note and witness your ideas being skilled. Magnify your skills to be the better version of yourself.


Winner – NRs. 10,000

1st Runner Up – NRs. 5,000

2nd Runner Up – NRs. 2,000


Should be a Nepali Citizen

Should be recent SEE graduates

Should submit their write-ups on the topic – “A Note to Skillful Me”

Words count must be between 600 – 800 words.

Write-ups need to be in English and submitted as a Word Doc or pdf attachment.

Write-ups must be original and unpublished. Plagiarized entries will be rejected.

Judgement Criteria:

Creativity - Here you can showcase your ability to think “outside the box”.

Structure - Your writing should be organized that helps in making it more easily understood and appreciated.

Language Use - Involves grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and spelling.

Adherence to Topic – Ideas relevant of the provided topic.

The Writing Competition has been closed.
Meme Making Competition
The Meme Making Competition has been closed.

Meme Making Competition

Are you fond of making Meme? Can you make everyone smile with your witty ideas?

 It’s your time to shine! Amaze everyone by creating funny yet creative memes for this competition on the theme – School Memories.

School life is the best period of human life, a formative period for everyone. Every student should try to make his better life and best use of school life because the time never comes again. Time to head back to school! Since we’re all in this together, maybe it’s time to add a little humor to the mix while you cherish those exciting days of school in form of memes.

We have come up with an idea to let you explore, your creativity and skills, by creating a meme regarding your school memories. You can incorporate your school moments, memories, friendship or anything that defines your school times, in quiet fun creative way!


Winner – NRs. 10,000

1st Runner Up – NRs. 5,000

2nd Runner Up – NRs. 2,000


Meme should be in the theme – “School Memories”

The meme must not contain any logos or other links.

Every participant can submit one meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed.

Plagiarism isn't allowed, and the meme must not be vulgar & offensive & must not harm any religious sentiments i.e. The content should not be offensive and memes showing negative message will not be accepted

Judgement Criteria:

Originality – How unique the meme is, funny yet creative

Level of Insight – The extent to which a meme conveys lesser-known and accurate School Memories to the public.

Importance – The relevance of the context addressed by the meme

Comedic Impact – How humorous the meme is at the provided theme.


Teen Empowerment
The registeration has been closed.

Teen Empowerment Workshop

Workshop Overview: 

Teens Empowerment Workshop is an introductory 1.5 hours long workshop for teenagers. Fun-Filled Activities, Life Skills Games, Practical Wisdom, Communication Skills among many others as part of the program. It also focuses on how teens can be stress-free and can concentrate rather than mugging up for exams. With great tips and techniques that will make you calm and composed and help build focus.


Ms. Rama Rayamajhi

A corporate professional working for more than 20 years in the field of Information Technology – IT, Hospitality, Banking industry among many others. Coordinates The Art of Living Children’s & Teens Programs for Nepal and a Art of Living Faculty for all age groups & walks of life for last several years

Mr. Sanjay Maharjan

A youth trainer and avid photographer mentoring thousands of youths and mostly engaged with kids & teens workshops. Software Engineer by profession, culturally influenced, he is involved as The Art of Living Faculty for all age groups & walks of life for the last several years and coordinates The Art of Living Children’s & Teens Programs for Nepal.

Deadline for Registration: August 21, 2021

Workshop Date: 26th August, 2021 & Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Tips to make your English Better

We may speak English and even understanding but having a firm grip on grammar is the ultimate challenge. Many are bamboozled by prepositions, puzzled by comparatives, or confused over modals. In this workshop, the rules of English grammar are explained with beautiful presentations and straightforward explanations to help you learn. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to the English language. This workshop covers everything needed to you to make a better English. It will also present materials that cover grammatical principles, word usage, writing style, sentence and paragraph structure, and punctuation.

Ultimately, Join us & Learn techniques to take your English to the next level.


Ms. Ankita Bhattarai Kafle, Public Speaker

Ms. Ankita Bhattarai Kafle is a Manager at Talkology, which is a venture into developing the culture of oratory.  She was the semifinalist in Public Speaker Nepal Season 2. She won National Presentation Champion 2018. Ms. Ankita has experience writing content for websites and blogs on variety of topics as a content writer. She also tutors students of American universities and helps with assignments and exams. She has won many public speaking and debate competitions in CAB and Aayam.

Deadline for Registration: August 21, 2021

Workshop Date: 27th August, 2021 & Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Tips to make your English Better
The registeration has been closed.
Movers Workshop on Storytelling
The registeration has been closed.

Movers Workshop on Storytelling

“We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

The Movers Workshop: Tell Your Own Story is a 2-hour interactive workshop about storytelling, self-awareness and building-trust, developed by Youth Co: Lab as part of the Movers Programme. The objectives of this Movers Workshop are to make you understand the meaning and benefits of using Storytelling techniques, Introduce relatable and actionable storytelling tools and frameworks, Foster peer-to-peer knowledge exchange among the participants. After attending this Workshop, you will be able to Reflect, understand your life through storytelling, Learn storytelling techniques, and tell your own stories.


Ms. Mandira Shrestha, Health Activist & Aspiring Mover, Nepal

Mandira Shrestha is a 19-year-old Health Activist, who is the winner of Glocal Teen Hero Nepal, 2020. She has already worked as the team leader of “Child-led report on UPR, 2020”. She is also actively involved as a member of the Integrated National Adolescent Girls Forum for uplifting the situation on various issues that has devoid girls of proper opportunities. To share her academic knowledge, she is working to develop and deploy courses on nursing with Nepal Online School so nursing education is accessible to everyone. Similarly, she has also worked as a National child representative as well as a National Adolescent representative in collaboration with the related organization to advocate and work for the goal of equal rights for all.


Mr. Ankish Shrestha, Aspiring Mover, Nepal

Ankish Shrestha is the aspiring Mover from Nepal. He is also the social & climate enthusiast and activist.

Deadline for Registration: August 21, 2021

Workshop Date: 25th August, 2021 & Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


What is Online Learning Fest 2021?

Online Learning Fest 2021 by Glocal After School is an event hosted for the SEE students in Nepal in association with Kathmandu World School. This program is aimed at integrating SEE Students under one umbrella which is organized to uplift their enthusiasm, creativity and energy where they can participate in series of activities.

Why to participate in this festival?

This is a perfect time for SEE graduates to get engaged in different skill oriented competitions and workshops. The activities we offer is easy to participate, free of cost and really engaging.

When is the event?

The festival will begin on 24th of August, 2021 and ends in 4th of September, 2021 after the announcement of the winners of both Writing and Meme Making Competition. There are different deadlines for different activities.

Who can apply for the event?

Only the SEE graduates of this year are eligible to apply for the event.

Do we need to pay for the event?

All the activities in this festival are free. You just need to register to the activity that interests you.

Can I register for multiple workshops?

Yes, you can register for multiple workshops.

Through which medium Can I attend workshops and sessions?

You can attend different sessions and workshop via ZOOM app.

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