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Gas Center

A  center for an institution, where students from that respective institution will learn, get skilled from the trainings and workshops focused on better employability and initiation. A value addition to institutions such as college, consultancy etc., and a great opportunity for student to be the top person in their respective field armed with many important life skills that are taught precisely by the experienced and elite trainers under the guidance of Glocal After School.

For Whom?

Institutions who are working hard to provide their students with valuable knowledge and learning are the ones who will be adding value to their work by the inclusion of GAS Centre as Skill Development Partner as we are completely focused on fueling skills and knowledge in students through our work.

Our delivery

  1. Skill and Career Development Trainings
  2. Guest Lectures
  3. Outdoor workshops for Fellowship
  4. International Fellowship and Excursions
  5. Inter GAS-CENTER Competitions
  6. Exclusive Projects for respective institutions
  7. Case Study Development
  8. Internships and Jobshadowing
  9. R&D Centre

GAS CENTER In Your Institutions?

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