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Why take this Standup Comedy workshop?

  • Hone the public speaking abilities (stand-up comedy is the easiest way to get speaking time in front of people). The course will explain how to get on stage and how various shows are put together.
  • Learn about the fundamentals of stand-up comedy and what it takes to do stand-up on a daily basis.


What you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to standup comedy
  • How to write jokes
  • What is a joke
  • Finding your comedy style
  • How to write material
  • Writing exercise
  • How to perform what you wrote


Course Overview:

Everybody thinks they are funny. We all want to be the funny guy in the group. It’s one thing making your friends laugh. But going on stage and making random strangers laugh requires a bit more work. By “a bit more work”, meaning a little bit of writing and quite a lot of embarrassment on stage.

These 2 days of workshop won’t teach you to be funny; nobody can. But if you’re just a little bit funny, this can help you to convert them into jokes so that everybody finds it funny. And eventually, go on stage and perform it.


Skills you’ll learn:


Presentation Skills


Communication Skills


Course Duration: 4 hours (2 days)

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