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Starting 23rd May, 2021

Do you want to learn how to effectively lead and influence teams, harnessing key leadership techniques?

Why take this course on Leadership Development?

  • The key to productive teams and efficient organizational growth is strong guidance. The Leadership Development course has been designed to equip professionals with the self-development tools necessary to benefit individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole.
  • This course stimulates self-reflection in order to help you develop a leadership style that can appropriately adapt to changes across broader contexts.

What you’ll learn?

  • Identify Yourself and People around You

Understand your strengths and embrace your weaknesses using self-assessment tools and define what differentiates you from the other individuals around you.

  • Leader Vs Leadership

Understand the difference between leader and leadership and what the key components of leadership are.

  • Influence People Around You

Learn how to build trust and respect-based relationships inside or outside of your organization.

  • Growth Plan

Clarify your vision for the future and understand how to keep you and your team both inspired and motivated.

  • Communication

Learn tools of effective communication to improve your communication skills and transform your body language to gain confidence.

  • Business Meetings

Polish yourself how you can practice and improve during business meetings to help you achieve your maximum potential.

Course Description:

Every team is defined by its leader. S/he needs to be able to motivate, challenge and – most importantly – steer her/his team in the right direction. This course has been designed to help you identify your true potential and implement the qualities to become a great leader. It will give you clarity and make you move forward to lead your team.

In it, you’ll learn how to effectively lead and influence teams, harnessing key leadership techniques, including the ability to communicate, collaborate, and engage in self-reflection. You will also learn about the importance of self-awareness and mentorship to develop yourself as a leader. You will explore the importance of communication skills in the leadership and management of team members and the course is designed with the intention of developing holistic leaders, this program is applicable to professionals already in a position of leadership, as well as those who are looking to move into one.

Skills you’ll learn:

Leadership Skills

Management Skills

Decision Making Skills

Critical Thinking

Communication Skills

Know your Trainer:

Pooja Dangol is a L&D Consultant and Trainer who earned her MBA from Kathmandu University and the Certified Speaking Professional designation from Training Qualifications UK (TQUK). Her journey as a L&D Consultant was about confidence, capability and dedication towards her profession. She has been in this specialization for the last 6 years. She has a strong background in learning, developing and managing large corporate teams which makes her the perfect fit, if you are seeking for a customized program for you and your team. Organizations hire her as their L&D Consultant who wants implementable strategies that will help their employees avoid distractions, stop interruptions, prioritize daily objectives and say ‘no’ to requests that steal time from real goals and priorities.

As a Professional Consultant, Pooja is committed to deliver actionable ideas and strategies to impact today’s progressive leadership that supports, encourages, and gives the tools one need to grow, adapt and create real impact in one’s workplace. She works closely with her clients and provide one-on-one consulting related to Organizational Development that focuses directly in business goals and performance improvements. Pooja have also been providing skill enhancement training programs for corporate and development sectors.

Course Duration: 6 hours (3 days)

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