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This is a short-term course of film making is designed for people who wish to study the craft of filmmaking in an intensive environment, the Filmmaking Workshop challenges students to produce five films over a period of two weeks. For students with little or no filmmaking experience, Workshop offers the best of all worlds: focused learning, hands-on film productions, and the opportunity to make a fully-realized final film.

Learning film making online or taking academic and theory classes are too mainstream. However, in this course, you will learn film making more practically going in the field. You will have opportunity to meet and get lessons from the professional film makers, actors, cinematographers exclusively.

Learning Goals:

  • Understanding the film making basics
  • Understanding the requirements and rigors of film making
  • Experience how film is made through field visit and shoots
  • Learn the paper work, preparation and rough editing to craft the best of it
  • Learn the creative techniques of contemporary film making

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