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Gen 20.21- It’s All about Teens

Ace the Race – A webinar to understand Nepali Market

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Starts July 24, 2021

Webinar Overview:

‘Gen 20.21- It’s All about Teens’ an initiation of Glocal  Teen Hero is a webinar series that will showcase or highlight the different social issues to help teenagers understand from broader perspectives. At the same time, teenagers who are working on different SDGs in creating positive impact will get an opportunity to learn and connect with expert leaders from different countries and put forward their perceptions in their working areas.

This initiation is a part of Glocal Teen Hero in collaboration with Glocal After School (GAS) which is a learning platform/ solution for every individual to get engaged in skill development, identify their needs and interest, follow their passion, and lead their initiation.

Episode 4: Ace the Race – A webinar to understand Nepali Market

COVID-19 has hit the whole world in an unpredictable way including Nepal. In recent research, it says that pandemic has already caused massive dislocation among businesses.  In recent times; we can predict that the economic status of a country has fallen down and still facing uncertainty. In fact all it has changed all the experiences and we all have learned to consider according to the current impact. With these emerging changes; Nepal has an opportunity to expand the digital market which will definitely help all the entrepreneurs to capture a new marketplace.

This webinar will provide real inspiration from the startup leaders. The experience & knowledge sharing on the webinar will make an audience understand the elements of entrepreneurship. It also aims to aspire teenagers & youths to develop their skills and create their own business. It will also help teenagers & youths to identify the opportunities and sharpen their entrepreneurial and managerial potentials to start their journey.

Why attend this webinar?

  • Understand the core aspect of entrepreneurship
  • Learn more about entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understand the skills required for carrying out entrepreneurial activities.
  • Hear from the industry leaders & be inspired
  • Understand the value of your ideas and what to focus on first.
  • Learn ways to develop business in the Nepali context

Guest Speakers for Episode 4:

Mr. Upaul Majumdar, Head of Practice – Tourism Dolma Consulting UK

Mr. Roshan Lamichhane, COO at eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd.

Event Duration: 1 hour


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