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What after higher school? 5 things you can do

Looking at condition of higher education in Nepal. This is the point of time when you get confused about your further career. Everything for you seems to be so uncomfortable. You try to identify the best field that suits you. Your parents frequently ask you about your further plans. Not only this, they will suggest you the further courses.

This is the point of time when every evening you go for coffee with your friends to discuss about their further plan with the hope to get some suggestions. You will listen to the plans of your every friend and end up more confused. And note that this is the time when even your best friend will not be able to help you out.

Some of you plan for starting a job to collect some experience. Some of you plan to travel and enjoy with friends. It great that all of you will be doing at least something rather staying dull. What are most of you doing? Here are 5 things you can do after your high school:

  • Join skills enhancement workshops

“How many of you decided to take skill enhancing workshops?”

Only few I guess.

Workshops like leadership, public speaking, film making, project management, blogging etc. are now being sold by many institutes. The market nowadays demands a person who acquires extra skills like these rather than being a topper in a school or college only.

If you are applying for a job, you should be able to make an effective resume. You will should be able to face the interviews. These all skills are not taught by your high school. These are what you need to learn yourself from the expertise.

  • Travel

This will be the best time for you to travel the places you have always dreamed of. You can now go to those places which you used to see in your books and wished to reach there. Travelling not only keeps you busy but also makes you familiar with the places, culture and nature.

  • Internship

Collecting information and experience will always be such helpful to you in the coming days. You can do internship in a company so that you get familiar to the practical world and get more information practically.


  • Search for universities

Exploring about the world has been so easy with the help of internet. After you higher school, you can search for colleges or universities both of homes and abroad so that you can find a best place for your further studies.




5 start something

you will already have been known the world to some extent until your high school finishes. So, if you have confident and idea that has the higher chance to get success you can start something. It can be a great time to follow your passion and turn them into your profession.


Might be you will get many people to suggest you for your future. But it’s always in your hand to make decisions. How you spend the time now, will make a difference in the future. Confusions will always make you feel you are nowhere, but you will need to be able to stand out, explore and make to a planned future. Enhancing your skills is one of the way to make yourself more competitive in the market.

Why not utilize the free time you have by learning and exploring, rather replying to your friends on social media?


August 2, 2018

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