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Subeksha Khadka


Subeksha Khadka, Crowned as Miss Nepal International in the year 2012. Represented Nepal Internationally in Japan for Miss International 2012

Been 6 years in the field of Media as a TV Presenter & Producer. Currently working in Kantipur Television. A certified International trainer of Jaycees.

Started off as an assistant trainer, giving trainings at well-known business houses. She thoroughly enjoyed the kind of response she got back though she started off young. Then she realized the impact of training programmes to influence people and their lives.


With that she started innovating various ideas to how to make a training for beneficial and interactive. She has given training programmes to a lot of school/college graduates, to girls interested in pageantry, teachers since my family has a school as well and was always interested in the field of teaching. She also works as a freelancer host and has hosted numerous events since 2011. Actively involved in various social activities and is the goodwill ambassador of Help to needy Children & Childreach Nepal which focuses on Child rights and education.


Recently she and her team has come up with a new drinking water ‘Ma Paani’ A natural spring water with the aim to aware people about the importance of clean drinking water.

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